If you have been assaulted:
  • Preserve evidence of the assault.
  • Don’t bathe or brush your hair or teeth. Don’t eat or drink anything.
  • Write down all the details you can recall about the assault and the attacker.
  • Get medical attention.
  • If you are ready to — report the rape to law enforcement authorities.
  • Recognize that healing takes time, know that it’s never too late to call.
Mission Statement

WC SAFE provides those affected by sexual assault with immediate and ongoing comprehensive services, at no cost, that encourage survivor healing and empowerment, promotes public awareness and leads social change.

quoteWhen you’re at the bottom, there’s no place to go, but up. I was able to define rape and not let rape define me with the help of WC SAFE. — Anonymous

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Medical Forensic Services

Medical-forensic exams performed in a confidential and quiet environment, by trauma-informed, specially trained medical staff at no cost to the patient.

Services are provided to all ages, within the first 120 hours post assault. Call the crisis pager for immediate attention. 313-430-8000

Crisis Intervention

Advocates are available 24/7 to provide immediate crisis intervention and support at our clinic sites. Specially trained advocate will accompany the Forensic Examiner to the clinic site and is available to provide immediate support, information, resources and referrals to survivors and their families.

What Happens During a Rape Kit Exam?
WCSAFE Announces the Beginning of Acute Pediatric Sexual Assault Services

As of Monday, November 2nd @ 6:00am, WC SAFE will start providing acute medical-forensic exams and crisis intervention for ALL ages. In collaboration and partnership with KidsTALK and Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

  • Services provided 24/7
  • For ALL ages – services provided up to 120 hours post assault
  • >120 hrs – referred to KidsTALK
  • Law enforcement and/or CPS must be involved in all cases 17 and under before WC SAFE will accept a referral


Ages 0-17 may be seen at our Taylor and St. John locations and at our NEW and 5th clinic location: KidsTALK CAC Medical Clinic: 40 E. Ferry St, Detroit, MI.

For questions: contact Julie Groat @ 734-341-8588 OR Kimberly Hurst @ 248-302-0833


Advocacy services may include assisting a survivor or their family with navigating government, criminal justice or community-based systems. This may include assistance with filing Crime Victim Compensation claims, court accompaniment or assistance with obtaining a personal protection order.

Human Trafficking

If you think you have been trafficked, or know someone you think may be involved in Human Trafficking… we can help. Please call the office or crisis pager to speak to someone.


Counseling services at Wayne County SAFE are provided by a team of multifaceted professionals and are centered on empowerment and compassion toward survivors.

Our specially trained, trauma-informed staff provides both individual and group supportive counseling to survivors of sexual assault, as well as their supportive loved ones. All services provided by Wayne County SAFE are free and confidential. To schedule an appt, call 313-964-9701 M-F 9a-5p

1 is 2 Many - PSA

quoteYou can’t change what happened yesterday but you can always fix tomorrow. WC SAFE has made me believe that. — Anonymous

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