quoteWC SAFE, without reservation, accepted me into their office. Being the husband of a male survivor, and a survivor of sexual abuse myself, there was no where I could go for support, to talk, or to learn about what my husband goes through each day. Lost in the forest of unmapped emotions. Gnarled, dark twigs scraping and scarring me. WC SAFE is continuing to teach and nourish me. Causing me to grow, and accept myself. WC SAFE casts the shadows away. Giving me hope and friendship from the heart. I feel the warmth of the sun, and see the beauty in the flowers now. – Teddy W.

Five locations to serve you.

Providing medical-forensic examinations in a timely manner is important for the physical health of sexual assault victims.

We provide medical forensic exams & crisis intervention at these locations.

Additional advocacy & counseling services are provided at our administrative and counseling offices.

1. Administrative / Counseling Offices
2727 Second Avenue, Suite 300
Detroit, Michigan 48201
Office: 313-964-9701
Fax: 313-964-9706

2. Detroit Receiving Hospital
4201 St. Antoine Detroit,
Michigan 48201
(near the I-94 / I-75 interchange)

3. Sinai Grace Hospital
6071 W Outer Dr
Detroit, MI 48235
(313) 966-3300

4. Taylor
12701 Telegraph Road, Suite 204
Taylor, Michigan 48180
(just south of Goddard Road and I-94)

5. St. John Hospital & Medical Center
22101 Moross Rd
Detroit, MI 48236
(313) 343-4000