Sexual assault is a traumatic experience that can affect everyone in the survivor’s circle, including friends and family. If a loved one has been sexually assaulted, you may be experiencing a wide range of reactions and concerns. You may have questions about medical and legal options, how you can deal with your own reactions and how you can best support your loved one at this time.

Your support is critical in the healing process of your loved one. The most significant and helpful response you can offer your loved one is to BELIEVE THEM.

As we know, survivors of sexual assault will commonly face the feeling of guilt, shame, and fear that they will not be believed. Survivors themselves have reported that the most positive and significant impact on their ability to heal and recover from the violence related to whether or not they were supported and believed by those closest to them.

It is important for friends, family and significant others to have information that will help you to understand what you and your loved one may experience. WC SAFE understands these unique concerns and can provide separate, supportive counseling to friends and family. We have also included some information that we hope will be helpful in understanding what you and your loved one may experience.

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