Posted: 5/20/21

SART Coordinator Position

Qualifications: Minimum 3 yrs experience in working with survivors of sexual assault in a direct service capacity, along with experience in working as part of a multidisciplinary team; ie. Criminal justice system, healthcare/SANE, advocacy.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Develop/revise protocols designed to identify and coordinate services to improve response to survivors of sexual assault
  • Develop/revise community plan that prioritizes systems where further collaboration is needed, identifies specific areas within systems to identify and eliminate harmful practices, including a timeline for implementation
  • Develop/revise/oversee SART case review process
  • Develop SART member orientation process
  • Coordinate with agencies and programs within the community that provide services to survivors of sexual assault in order to provide more effective, victim-centered services
  • Support coordinated activities that ensure a comprehensive response by direct service providers to victims of sexual assault
  • Facilitate activities which recognize and address the needs of underrepresented and/or culturally marginalized groups as well as identify areas within community agencies and programs that are responsible for assisting and responding to victims of sexual assault in order to encourage and support more effective, victim-centered services
  • Schedule SART partner meetings on a quarterly basis
  • Schedule SART meetings during each 12 month period to develop/revise/implement protocols and assess how previous protocols were working
  • Obtain signed agreements with SART members to collaborate and participate on the multidisciplinary team
  • Provide consultation and outreach materials for SART members 
  • Attend trainings and technical assistance sessions on how to develop and sustain a SART
  • Provide cross-system collaboration, evaluation, technical assistance and coordinate training opportunities to connect and develop competency and leadership within the SART
  • Compliance with all grant reporting requirements / data entry / management / analysis
  • Provide public awareness presentations about SART
  • Position is supervised by WC SAFE Executive Director

Hours:  40 hrs/wk; flexibility required around some evenings and weekends for trainings, events or meetings.


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